I have been playing around for a while with Cold water showers and ice baths, i am no master at it but i like the benefits of it.

Some of the benefits:

  • boosted immune system
  • increased blood flow
  • decreased joint inflammation
  • boosted metabolism

These are what research show, but im no scientist so i cant say what is exactly true or false, but what i can say is how i experince it. For me a shower is like Life itself 🙂 Deep huh 🙂

Ok i explain like this, this is what i mean, ok you get in the shower, turn warm water on, feels good? Right ahh cosy after a while you got to turn even hotter ahh nice 🙂 great and after even more time, you got to turn on the hottest of the hot… ok after that you turn it off and immidality starts to shivver and reaching for the towel, and you really just feel tired fevirish.

Same in Life ok candy is good crisps and lying in the sofa, yeah take one candy mm good take Another mm great until the hole bag is gone. and you layed in the sofa a whole day giving your body what it wants, rest and candy 🙂 its great for once in a while but how does this make you feel in the long run?

Not very good 🙂

How I do a typical shower
I enjoy a hot shower, actually i love it, so thats why i Always start my showering with warm water, and shampooing myself and all that stuff, im a bald skinny guy so that dont take that long approximatly 2.30 min. Yes i have a timer in my shower haha…. dont judge me.

Then i walk out of the shower, turn on the coldest and set the timer on rounds of 2 minutes, my shower is 4 degrees Celsius so its quite Cold. You got to know what part of your body that is the most sensitive, for me its arms. So i take water and splash water on them to get ready.

Now ready to to enter the shower, this is the important part… breathing must be controlled. Breathe calm and with your stomach not up in the chest, hyperventilating, this willl set you up for panic… you can allow yourself Breathe Heavy a couple of times, but after that breathing must be relaxed, this is what i call chock meditation 🙂 There is nothing in this World that can make you so focused and living in the moment as this. You cant allow yourself to panic.. you must take Control over yourself, as in training Kettlebellsport, its very easy to put the bells down and just walk away… but whats the glory of that?? nothing… prove to yourself you are in Control over yourself, like vim hof says “i dont feel the Cold, i feel the Power”  or “i dont feel the pain, because im stronger than the pain at that moment

Usually i stand about 20-30 sek on each part of the body, and after around 2 min it gets warmer, you can feel your blood flowing and warming you from the inside out. Somedays its harder, and some Days its easier, but its something you got to train. 

My usual shower is around 4-6 min in Cold water. And when im done i dont freeze, i feel hot, i dont have goosebumps over my skin.  And i feel great 🙂 I have more energy physically and the knowledge that i won a battle of my mind to give up and flee 🙂 

And i Think it helps recover my muscles after hard training sessions to.
Beginner course 7 day shower experience
Start with hot shower and shampoo and shave and all other things you do in the shower 🙂

1:st day ordinary shower, then step out and set the timer on 1.30 min, step in (remember breathing) no panic. Breath with your stomach.
2:nd day ordinary shower, then step out and set the timer on 2.00 min, go in breath, go Deep in your mind find your inner Power
3:rd day ordinary shower, then step out and set timer 2.30 min, now you should feel better then the 2 first times.
4:th day ordinary shower, then step out, and set timer 4 min, a Little longer but no problem, you can breath with your stomach and you dont feel pain, you feel Power 🙂
5:th day 4.30 min no problem.
6:th day 5min, by now you should feel your inner fire you have in your belly warming your extremities, you feel em powered, you feel strong.
7:th day  examination 8 min shower, now you have your body works, you can Control your mind, you have trained your mind to be strong. You can stand forever, the water feels warm, you feel euforia 🙂 

You step out of the shower, feeling like a viking ready to go to battle  🙂 

How I do a typical shower

Icebath with True Grit


Try it! And let me know how it felt.



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