I have been spending some time now learning how to breathe. Sounds simple, and sure is..but no I don’ seem to get it right. Instead I’m gasping for air, trying not to kill myself during the sets.

Well actually I do breathe… In the wrong way. Instead of getting relaxed I tend to get stiff and the air never get’s to my lungs. Result: it feels like I’m having an asthma attack.. not very good no. So how can breathing be that hard to understand?

That is far from being the only thing I cannot get but it sure is hard to get better when you’re nearly dying… Thing is, coach has been trying to explain but I still don’t get it. Imagine a dog breathing very hard with it’s tongue sticking out of the mouth.. there you have it. Me.

But hey, I will learn..eventually. Hopefully before I did during a set.. wouldn’t look that good right?! Keep breathing everyone, it sure is important!

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