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What is your name and age?
Kimberly Fox 31yo

What are you working with/as?
I am a Flight Medic in the Army full time and then my husband and I own a gym. Fox Fitness, it primarily focuses on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but we also teach fitness classes, personal training, and kettlebell.

Do you have a motto or any catchwords?
I have two catch phrases or mottos though I guess they kind of mean similar things. “Don’t run from the pain” and “Embrace the grind”

When did you start kettlebell training? Why and how did you start?
I started training Kettlebell about 4 years ago. My husband introduced me to KB while he was going through his Exercise Phys. Grad program. But we only did hard style swinging. Man that seems so long ago. His buddy Matt Sanders was doing the competitive thing and offered to teach me some stuff. My husband and I were pretty inexperienced when it came to KB other than the general HS swing. Matt had been taught by Ken Blackburn (IKFF). After my first session with Matt I was hooked. Plus I loved the idea of getting back into a competitive sport. It all happened by chance really…

Why did you continue doing it?
I’ve always been involved in competitive sports so kettlebell was a really good fit. Plus the community was very welcoming when I started so that really sealed the deal.

When did you start being a coach? Why did you do it?
I started coach about 1.5 years after I started training. It seemed like a normal progression since we own a gym. Plus I really wanted to spread kettlebell in the Midwest. It is very slow growing here. Our gym is really one of the only gyms that does GS. It’s pretty cool to think that even with as small as our program is that we have both an MSIC and CMS (My student Jennifer P.) Jennifer was one of my first students and really my only student that has competed. She hit CMS 20kg OALC at her very first competition and she was 3mo pregnant. I was so proud of her. She worked so hard for that completion. Stuff like that is really what keeps me coaching. Many of my other students will be competing for their first time this summer. I will be a bundle of nerves for that.

What Kind of education do you have in coaching?
I have a MS.Ed in Exercise Physiology, IKFF LVL 1 cert, and MKST (Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer) II certification.

As a coach, what is important to be like in order to get the best results from your athletes? That is such a great question with no definite answer. The truth is each athlete is different and not every training method will work for every athlete. When they are first starting I like for them to train in all lifts and have a well-rounded GPP program. But truly consistency and time under the bell are the biggest determinants for success. I think just like with any weight lifting program people that aren’t seeing good results really are not spending enough time under the bell. 20-30 minutes is standard for my students. Training sessions are 1-1.5 hours.

What do you think are the most important personal qualities in an athlete?
Motivation and the hunger to be the best. Not everyone will reach the elite level and that’s okay but you can’t train someone to want to win. You can’t teach competitive spirit. They have to already have that drive. Without that there is no way for them to ever become elite.

What is the most challenging thing being a coach?
Your athletes become part of your family and having to watch them fail is very hard. It is all part of the process of course failure is good for progression just like success but it hits you as a coach, especially when you can see what they are capable of even if they can’t.

What are your own strengths as a coach?
I’m pretty pushy I think when I am coaching though we always have a lot of fun in training. But I don’t let them slack and I don’t feel bad if they whine. My bedside manner is a bit on the rough side. Ha ha I feel like maybe you should ask my students this question.

What do you think about single or double bells for women? So here is the thing single bell events have been around for a little bit so I doubt they will go away. People have grown fond of them. They have been competing in OALC and OAJ so I completely understand the worry that it will go away. Its tough to think that something you have been working so hard for will just stop. But for me I don’t see single bell events are the way of the future. When I have a new student come in I generally teach them OAJ and OALC first and then teach them doubles. Funny thing is they always choose to do doubles. I think doubles is easier and more comfortable since it isn’t unilateral. But there are many that would probably disagree with me. But that is the great thing about opinions we can all have them. I don’t know that there is necessarily one right answer for this. I kind of have a feeling, at submaxim weights 24kg and below, we will see a lot more women doing similar reps to that of the men. You see this in marathon type situations where endurance is the primary energy system. I group GS into that category. Women seem to have a much better tolerance to endurance activities and you see them very close to men’s times. It will be interesting to see over the next year what numbers are hit on average by women…..

Have you entered any competitions? Do you want to share your results?
Over the past year and half I have competed 5 times in 24kg LC. Well actually that’s the only Double bell weight I have ever competed in. This last month I set the women’s absolute World Record 24kg Long Cycle 61 reps.

What/which are or where your personal goals in training? (long/short term)
My long term goal is to hit 75 reps 24kg LC. My short term goal is to hit 65 reps this summer.

What are your goals for your athletes?
Goals are a very personal thing my only goal for them is to set and achieve their own goals and sometimes I may enhance the goals they have set for themselves.

Which discipline do you like the most and why is that?
I love Long Cycle. Mostly because I feel it is all power. For me snatch is beautiful and soft. I am not a soft person or nearly as patient to love snatch. So LC is definitely my favorite because it is down and dirty.

What do you think is the most challenging in training?
Running I hate running. It is pretty much the worst invention ever.

Do you have any training tips to share?
Keep the balance make sure you get enough personal time so you don’t burn yourself out. Also take as many seminars and learn from as many people as you can. There is always more than one way to do something if you take a small thing from each person you learn from I think you will develop more rounded as an athlete.

Do you have any funny anecdotes from competition or training that you would like to share? When I was headed to competition and my coach and I were discussing the pace I was going to do he told me to hold 7rp and I told him I didn’t think I could make it the whole 5 min at that pace. He said “till you die” and that has been a little joke ever since. Go until you die, never quit.

Who inspires you?
Hmmmm well my son inspires me watching him develop and grow inspires me to be a better person and to keep pushing forward.

Which exercise is your favorite?
Judging by my legs I would have to say squats and deadlifts

Have you got any exercises that you hate doing or that your athletes hate doing? Which on and why.
I hate KB farmer’s walks. Especially when I have to do if for like 5-7min my students hate them as well. I think I hate it the most because it talks so long to complete.

Is there anything that makes you not prioritize your training? Normally I always train. I rarely miss it. If I miss it is because of my job.

How do you eat? Do you have a special diet?
Everything in moderation is my diet. I don’t count calories or anything. I try and make sure 30-40% of my diet is protein 40% carb and 20%fat. I eat at 5am/ 10am/

12pm/ 4pm/ 9pm about 2200-2500 calories per day depending on my training.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not kettlebelling or coaching?
Well I would like to say something really cool but I am in the military full time, own a business, train kettlebell, and have a toddler. There are no more hours in the day available. We are so busy, generally my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my husband have some wine and just relax. When we are in an area that we can hike we enjoy hiking.

We thank Kimberly for sharing and we are looking forward to follow her haunting for those goals. She is such a strong and talanted woman and so dedicated to kettlebell and training so I think we will see that soon. We wish you all the luck Kimberly!

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