snatch1snatch2In these days terror, hate and violence seems more common and frightening. In november I attended a Madonna concert in Stockholm, the day after the shooting in Paris. That day it hit me how close this has come, it affected me in my secure little Sweden. And theese days the media more and more seems to write about bad things that happens and that affect us all in a bad way and we loose our faith in the world and in other human beeings. We need to come togheter and show ourselfs and our fellowman that we do good and that we do live in a good world! And that we want learn and read about more than just horrors.

And today we had the opportunity to do something good for a person who really needs it. True Grit attended the snatchevent wich was started (great initiative by Scott MacLaughlin!) to help Natalia Rudneva who need an vital and expensive operation. And we got a good snatchTechnique session 🙂

30 min snatch – weight of your choice – multi switch

I hope Natalia feels the love of the whole kettlebell community today and that she will get well soon! A donation is on its way from True Grit to Natalia. We hope it will help a bit!

We can decide that this world IS Good and eachone of us has the power to be a apart of making it even better!

And if you want to listen to Madonnas speech about the about the terrorist attacks in Paris you can do it here . Many words of wisdom, wishes for a better world and a devout silence when 40 000 people held a moment of silence for the victims.

We stand united!

//Annika and all of the True Grit members


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