We are proud to present True Grit Open. A kettlebell competition in Piteå, a part of Swedish Lapland.
With sponsor from Piteå dansar och ler!
This years edition Will be Held at the biggest summer festival in sweden, big scene and loads of spectators.

True Grit Open is a long cycle competition combined with a RGSI TRIATHLON. If you choose to compete in both events you have a chance to win a cash prize.

Weight classes: -60/ -70/ +70 kg
Kettlebells: 12 (1 p), 16 (1,5 p), 20 (2,5 p), 24 kg (4 p)

Weight classes: -80 / -85 / +85 kg
Kettlebells: 20 (1 p), 24 (1,5 p), 28 (2,2 p), 32 (3,2 p)

Kettlebells: MEN: 16kg (0,7 p) 20kg (1 p) 24kg (1,5p)
Ladies: 12kg 1p 16kg 1,5p 20kg 2,5p
+50 years

-16 years

Jerk 3 min/LC 3 min/Snatch 4 min

Total result LC and RGSI TRIATHLON = Points from LC + Total weight lifted in RGSI TRIATHLON divided by body weight.

Cash price! For 2 absolute winners Male/Female

If less than 3 participants in a weight class you will be transferred to the next weight class.

Registrations/information: Fredrik Berglund, info@truegritkettlebell.com Name, weight class, kettlebell (LC). It is possible to change weight class and kettlebell on the day of the event.

Last day to sign up for the event is 17th July.

Registration fee: 500 SEK (Swish or PayPal)

Ackommodation Will be presented Very soon!
We Will offer hotel to lifters. Stay tuned for more info

the winner of true grit open